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Xeesa 1b Quickstart is a standard access menu across all versions of windows operating system which is an alternative to start menu for accessing shortcuts, applications, local folders, shared drives, network printer, website links.
The menu can be edited via online settings to your business needs like different departments have different folders access or printers to print.

It is installed and can be found in your system tray or on your Desktop at the top right corner or press ALT+Q to display the menu.

It is able to start up upto 3 application automatically when user logged in. There are other applications such as quicktrack, quickrest and other quickapps and quickcloud web applications which are found in the 1b quickstart menu. Simple Registration (email address and name) is needed as the settings are stored online.
How 1b Benefits?
This standard menu application is build to let users to familiarise to their new operating system after migration instead of spending time to look for ways to access application or tools for work. This can cut down time and resource during the change period which can save enormous costs on time used by employees on learning and adapting to the new operating system environment. The menu acesss links can also be changed via the online settings portal instead of creating shortcuts on desktop or menu which will save time on administrating the change control in the IT Administration and Operations role.
Free Classic Start Menu
You can install this to operate your windows as per Windows XP / Windows 7 or even Windows 2000 similar start menu if you have it
Add Your Shortcuts
You can add your local shortcuts on it via your personal folder in your user profile. Just drag or create your shortcut in it
Common Used Applications
Such as network connections, control panel, paint, notepad, My Computer, Internet Explorer can be easily access
All Programs Access
The only feature which you misses throughout Windows 8 to 10. This is the life-saver for you. There is my programs which your programs are for your own use instead of all users.
Show and Maximize
This is good for you if you do not like the alt+tab if you have too many windows with too-short description to tell you what window you have currently
Fastest Start Menu
Fastest start menu in the world as you do not need to go to click the start button but by pressing ALT+Q. Faster access to your shutdown, restart, Hibernation, Sleep/Suspend your PC
Cloud Start Menu
You may preset Start Menu over the cloud or network upto 16 apps/ share folder/ printers/ web links which make you / your employees or staff to be easy to access. Save time to learn, Save cost.
Cloud Startup your Apps
The only feature which you may preset for you or your employee or staff what to open during startup. This can save you a thousand clicks of your life on the PC a year
1b System Requirements
  • Internet Access
  • OS Version Windows
  • Server 2000,Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, 2k, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Harddisk Space Requirement Minimum 10MB
  • 1b Comparison With Others
    1b reflects on dynamics and flexibility as compared to the original operating system and 3rd Party Add-on Start Menu.
    Features Comparison of Start Menus
    Original OS Start Menu Other 3rd-Party Start Menu 1b QuickStart
    Same as past OS? No No Yes,same from Windows2000 to Windows10
    Need to re-learn? Yes Yes No, learn once only
    Employees Fear Factor to relearn? Yes Yes No fear factor, learn once only
    Easy to Adapt to new OS Start Menu? No if it is different from future OS No as it follows the original OS menu Yes, it is the same menu
    Cost Efficient if migrating to new OS? No if it is different from new OS No as it follows the original OS menu Yes, it will save time and cost as no re-learn or adapting is needed
    Can Add app links/shared folders/printers? Yes, takes effort to add 1 by 1 PC and profile No Yes, easy from online portal/gpo
    Can Startup Apps/Folders? Yes, takes effort to add 1 by 1 PC and profile No Yes, easy from online portal/gpo
    Faster Access to what you want? No as relearn takes time No as it follows the original OS menu Yes, as user already know how to use
    Multiple control of User's Start Menu? Yes, by GPO but different Menu pattern No as it follows the original OS menu Yes, it can change all computers access menu in 1 time via the online portal or push down settings via GPO
    Need Additional Plugins or .net framework? No Yes, need .net 4.0 framework installed No, as it is built via the native Win32 OS core
    1b Versions Comparison
    Features Comparison of Features
    Free Business Professional
    Quick Inventory No Yes No
    Advertisement Links Yes No No
    Cloud Menu Links Yes Yes Yes
    Links Settings Group 1 100 Unlimited
    No of Cloud Links for Apps, Printers, Share folder links 10 10 16
    QuickRest Feature Yes Yes Yes
    App Startup Feature Yes Yes Yes
    Max No of Apps to Startup 3 3 3
    Local user links Yes Yes Yes
    Settings location Cloud Cloud File Server
    For Who Personal Org < 250 users Org > 250 users
    Price Free From US$21 per year From US$600 per year
    Why 1b?
  • Easy to Shared drives Links
  • Easy to access Website/Apps
  • Faster to access Common Apps Links
  • Linking Shared Printers
  • Startup Apps/links once login
  • Track Assets

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