Quick Guide to use 1b
Steps to Install 1b QuickStart
  • System Requirements

  • -Internet Access
    -OS Version for Windows
    Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • You can download from here
  • You can follow the defaults by clicking next until finish

  • Steps to Create QuickStart Menu Profile
  • Register an account in with a valid email, country and name
  • Check your email for the password to login to here
  • Go to QuickStart Profiles
  • Go to Add New QuickStart Profiles(example below)

  • click Add
  • Go to your installed 1b QuickStart menu and click the icon in the system tray in the taskbar or press ALT+Q
  • Click Xeesa 1b QuickStart->1b QuickStart Settings
  • Enter Xeesa 1b QuickStart Profile ID in the 1b QuickStart Settings

  • Click OK and it will restart to refresh the menu settings

  • Free Profile for Public usage(Home,Business and Support Users)
  • pb1zzzx - For Business Users common links and startup.
  • pb2zzzx - For Business Users common links.
  • ph1zzzx - For Home Users common links and startup.
  • ph2zzzx - For Home Users common links.
  • ps1zzzx - For IT Support Team common links and startup.

  • Menu Features
  • Startup Upto 3 Applications or folders automatically on user login startup.
  • Access Upto 10 Menu Links to Applications, Shared/Local Drive, Network Printers, Websites
  • .
  • Other Menu for Common Applications and functions such as Windows Explorer, calculator, notepad, paint, control panel, internet explorer, system properties, run as other users and more.
  • Power Menu for shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep functions.
  • Show Menu for showing certain windows instead of searching through moving the mouse over the icons on taskbar.
  • Taskbar Menu for showing or hide taskbar.
  • QuickStart Menu to access 1b settings, quickapps and quickcloud tools for users convenience.

  • Menu Example
    Online Settings on Creating Links
    Startup Settings
    You can add up to 3 startup applications. You may choose from the shell commands or state share folder path on it.

    Menu Links Settings
    You can add upto 10(Basic/Premium)/16(Professional) application shortcuts, website links, shared drive paths, local drive path and network printers. No space is allowed as it will have error.

    QuickRest Settings
    This is a setting to remind users to take a rest during work. This add-on application is to replace Eye Rest Reminder as a must to have in 1b QuickStart. You may disable it when not in use. You can choose the settings by the period of rest and cycle. You may disable the skip rest or skip all rest button for flexibility of users.
    1b Menu Example
    Create Upto 10/16 Menu Links to Applications, Shared/Local Drive, Network Printers, Websites.

    This example is creating id pro additional to the email which will be profile id You will need to click on the 1b menu settings to input the id in

    You may use without any id via Xeesa 1b Defaults Settings will be loaded. It will start your internet explorer and My Computer. QuickRest will be shown by default as recommended rest for users.
    Linking Shared Printers
    You can create link for user to click and connect to a printer which is installed on a print server or shared printer \\printserver\printer.
    Startup Apps/Webpages Automatically
    You can start a website or application from startup by entering the website or app outlook for email.
    Track Assets
    You can track your notebook or tablet if lost via global ip address.
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  • Track Assets

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